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Meet Laura Werlin, James Beard Award-Winning Author and Educator

I met Laura Werlin through her books, Cheese Essentials,  Grilled Cheese Please and Mac n Cheese, Please. We then connected on Facebook and finally “met” at the 2013 ACS in Madison. She inspires me and fuels my cheese obsession. Laura is a James Beard Award-Winning Author for The All American Cheese and Wine Book and her

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Creamy, Gooey Mac n Cheese

Because I travel a lot (think: eat out a lot), when I am home with The Man, I prefer to cook. Sometimes, I score and other times… not so much… Today, I scored… I used 3 different cheeses, all creamy, good melters. I used almost a pound of cheese and that amount created a gooey

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Sleeping Beauty Mac n Cheese

I got lucky this week and scored an entire wheel of Cascadia Creamery’s Sleeping Beauty, a sublime natural rind, organic raw cow’s milk cheese made here in Washington State. When I first tasted Sleeping Beauty two years ago in Seattle, it was love at first bite… I included a review in a calendar announcement which

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