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2011 Feline Foodie Awards Announced

December 30, 2011 Press Release: For Immediate Release Re: 2011 Feline Foodie Awards Announced From: Spaulding Gray, Portland’s Favorite Feline Foodie It’s time for the Bi-Annual Feline Foodie Awards to be announced and Spaulding Gray, Portland’s Favorite Feline Foodie had sampled more than one hundred new cheeses this year and re-visited many that are his

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The Lady Picks Her Favorite Top Ten Postings

The Lady asked if she could take over today and pick her favorite postings from our previous blog and now our website. Who am I to say no??? In fact, I’m flattered that she cares… and so, without further delay… heeeerrrreee’s The Lady… As many of you know, Spaulding Gray was a stray who started

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Holiday Cheese Board #6 – In the Raw

  In the U.S., it’s impossible to prepare a raw milk cheese board and include soft and bloomy rind cheeses. That’s because the FDA and the Federal Government know what’s best for the citizenry and decided somewhere back in “the day” that they must save the humankinds from themselves… according to The Lady, that’s a

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