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Cheese Adventures near the Canadian Border

The Man and I spent the last two weeks in Bellingham, Washington, the quintessential Pacific Northwest waterfront town with jaw-dropping scenery everywhere you look. The area is also home to several small batch Cheesemakers which always welcome fellow cheese “nerds”.

Sleeping Beauty Mac n Cheese

I got lucky this week and scored an entire wheel of Cascadia Creamery’s Sleeping Beauty, a sublime natural rind, organic raw cow’s milk cheese made here in Washington State. When I first tasted Sleeping Beauty two years ago in Seattle, it was love at first bite… I included a review in a calendar announcement which

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Shari’s Elegant, Yet Simple Blue Cheese Spread

While in Seattle this past week visiting cheese shops (twelve shops in seven days; a whirlwind cheese tour), I met many amazing and passionate Cheesemongers. At the Fred Meyer store in Kirkland, Washington, I met Shari, who in addition to mongering, loves to cook and develop recipes. One of her favorites is a blue cheese

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