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The Lady’s Adventures

20140526_125243Some fun, some educational… but all these adventures have two things in common: The Lady and Cheese:

Updated 1/09/2016




2009 DPI Western Show

2009 – The Lady and The Ladies of Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses

2009 – Return to Tillamook

2009 The Wedge – Part 1

2009: The Wedge – Part 2

2009 Wisconsin Trip – How Bob Partied His Way Into Becoming a Certified Cheese Maker

2009 Wisconsin Trip – Day 1

2009 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – Crave Brothers

2009 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – BelGioioso – Bellevue Plant

2009 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – BelGioioso – Chase Plant

2009 Wisconsin Trip – Day 3 – Roth Kase and Cheese 101 

2010 ACS Conference Re-Cap – Seattle, Washington

2010 ACS – Charcuterie

2010 ACS – Cheese-a-topia Volunteering

2010 ACS – Cheesemongers Share Their Secrets to Success

2010 ACS – The Lady Makes Cheese at Beecher’s 

2010 ACS – Understanding The Value of Terroir in America

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 1

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – Sartori Cheese

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 2 – Lambeau Field

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 3 – BelGioioso

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 3 – Salemville

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 3 – Madison Cheese Trade Show

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 4 – Roth Kase

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Day 4 – Crave Brothers

2010 Wisconsin Trip – Re-Cap 

2012 – Our Year in Review

2013 ACS Conference Seminars Re-Cap

2013 ACS Winners’ Circle

2013 ACS Conference in Madison, Wisconsin 

2013 The Lady Becomes an ACS CCP™

2013 Oregon Cheese Festival

2013: The Year of the Cheesemonger

2014 ACS Conference in Sacramento, California 

2014 Blue Haven Bee Company Visit

2014 DPI Western Food Show

2014 From Cowgirl Creamery to Whole Foods 

2014 Marcella’s Excellent Adventure – Recap of 2014 

2014 Nature’s Harmony Farm’s Visit

2014 Petaluma to Sacramento Cheese Trail

2014 Portland’s The Wedge Cheese Festival

2015 Atlanta Cheese Scene

2015 Hawaii Island Goat Dairy Visit

2015 Many Fold Farm Visit 

2015 Taste Awards Judge

Antigo Wisconsin… Middle of Nowhere… Home of Award-Winning Cheese (2013)

Beemster Hot Air Balloon Ride over Portland 

Bra Cheese Festival, Barolo and la Morra; Touring the Piedmont (2011)

California Cheese Trail (2014)

Cheese Adventures Near the Canadian Border (2014)

“Cheese”, Barolo, LaMorra and More “Cheese”  (2011)

Cheese Collages

Cracking Wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano

DPI: Spaulding Gray is Calling You Out

Dorothy Lane Markets Dayton 

Estrella Family Farm Visit

Emmi’s Gourmelt Grilled Cheese Recipe Contest

French Cheese Tasting with Waldemar Albrecht (2009)

Getting Rogued at Rogue Creamery (2011)

Golf, Tradition and Pimento Cheese

Gothberg Farms: Always Exciting and Feels Just Like Home 

Hot Cheese Spots in the Couve

Kalamazoo Cheese Scene aka Visiting and Meeting The Cheese Lady

Mac n Cheesing My Way Across The South 

Making Cheese at Sartori Cheese, Antigo, Wisconsin (2013)

Murray’s Cheese Boot Camp (2011)

My Favorite Cheese Videos

New Year’s Eve with The Lady and The Man

New York, New York – Murray’s Cheese Plate 101 – 10/23/2013 

Oregon Cheese Festival 2013

Petaluma to Sacramento on the Cheese Trail 

Re-Cap of the Bra Cheese Festival and Touring Italy (2011)

Remembering Spaulding Gray and New Beginnings

Return to Gothberg Farms: October, 2013 

Return to Tillamook 

Shameless Self-Promotion

Shout-Out to Kurt, Jena and Brad at Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses

Spaulding Gray: Tillamook Fan of the Month – November 2009

Spaulding Returns to the Mother Ship

The Day Phyllis Closed the Niagara Street Bar

The Lady Does Cheese (2011)

The Lady Gets Goaty at Gothberg Farms

The Lady is On Vacation

The Lady Makes Her First Cheese Wedding Cake

The Lady Makes the Grade: ACS CCP

The Lady’s Cheese Arrives at The Kiosk

The Smoking Incident

The Traveling Gruyere Wheel

Visit to Gothberg Farms, Bow, Washington (2012)

Visit to Kalamazoo’s The Cheese Lady 

Visit to Tumalo Farms, Tumalo, Oregon

Visit to Zingerman’s

Willapa Hills Farms’ Shareholder Opportunity

Yikes, The Cat is Out of the Bag… So To Speak…

Join the Cheese of Choice Coalition!!

Join the Cheese of Choice Coalition!!



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