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Tim Gaddis ACS CCP™; Guilde des Fromagers Garde et Jure Bio

Tim Gaddis, ACS CCP; Guilde des Fromagers

Tim Gaddis, ACS CCP; Guilde des Fromagers

Tim Gaddis ACS CCP™; Guilde des Fromagers** Garde et Jure Bio

I worked for the Ellijay Police Department from 1993-2001.  I left law enforcement after our 1st child was born and was stay at home dad for 2 years.  Rather than going back to law enforcement I choose to pursue another career path.  We sold our home in the Atlanta suburbs and moved to New York City and I attended culinary school at The French Culinary Institute. Now known as The International Culinary Center.

During my time there I worked a few internship and stages at places like Union Pacific and Daniel’s.  Murray’s Cheese owner, Rob Kaufelt, stopped by the school one day and did a short presentation on cheese and mentioned that he just opened a new store at Grand Central Station and needed people to work the counter.  I jumped on this opportunity.  My 1st day behind the counter someone handed me some Montgomery’s Cheddar.  It changed my world.  From that day on I submerged myself in cheese books.  Taking home cheeses that we had in the case and researching them and learning all I could.  We soon moved backed to Atlanta and I took a job at Star Provisions.  A few months after I started the buyer left for another job and I was given the buying responsibilities. As a buyer I had the opportunity to speak directly with cheese makers and importers.  This opened up another level for me. Taking their story and conveying to my customers.

I left Star Provisions in 2014 and took a job with Many Fold Farm as Director of Cheese Operations in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.  About 30 minutes south of Atlanta.  I am responsible for making sure the creamery has everything it needs to carry on the day to day activities of cheese making as well as keeping up with the inventory of cheese and getting it to our customers.

Guilde des Fromagers Logo

Guilde des Fromagers Logo

** I was inducted into Guilde des Fromagers August 2014.  Garde et Jure is my rank.

  • Garde et Juré (guard and judge)
  • Prud’homme (educator)
  • Maître Fromager (cheese master)
  • Ambassadeur (ambassador)
  • Protecteur (protector)
  • Maître Honoris Caseus (honoris caseus master)

A member of the Guilde will nominate you and the members will vote on your induction.  I am still figuring out the ongoing responsibilities. I’ve only been a member for 5 months so I haven’t had a chance to participate in any other inductions.    The new world chapter is still pretty young.  Cathy Strange is the current president.   I was completely floored and humbled to be nominated.    Guilde Des Fromagers website

Please visit the Many Fold Farm Website; Follow on Twitter; Like them on Facebook.

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