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Beecher’s No Woman Cheese

Winner: 2011Feline Foodie Awards: Best of Show

2009 Feline Foodie Awards: Best of Show (tie)

The Lady has brought home four varieties of cheese since becoming a Cheese Steward. I am going to review them in order of preference starting with my favorite: Beecher’s No Woman.

After tasting this absolutely delightful, Award-Winning cheese, I sent a transmission to The Brain requesting information on Jamaican Jerk seasonings. The Brain replied with a sarcastic, “Ever heard of google?” (When The Brain is annoyed, he can be rather snippy…) However, with help from The Lady, I discovered “Google”; it’s like an encyclopedia of everything in the entire history of humankind…sheesh…it could replace feline observers.

As usual, I digress…

Jamaican jerk seasonings includes different combinations of white onion, garlic, salt, sugar, allspice, green onion, cayenne pepper, black pepper, thyme, powdered Scotch bonnet pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and sage. Scotch bonnet peppers are among the hottest on earth. Allspice is a pimento grown in Jamaica. This spice combination is especially popular for grilling meats and chicken. Humankinds love to grill outside, especially in the warmer months.

Back to Beecher’s No Woman. I have no idea where they got the name but this cheese maker really knows his stuff. If The Lady had allowed it, I would have eaten the entire triangle that she brought home. She and The Man enjoyed it as well using words like “robust”, “smoky”, “nutty” and “spicy”.

(Update: I have learned from The Lady that “No Woman” is the title of a Bob Marley Reggae song, “No Woman, No Cry”. Rather clever since Bob Marley was from Jamaica…)

I prefer “yummy”. I recommend you enjoy this cheese with a creamy peromyscus leucopus pate.

I saw The Lady put the leftover piece in the cold box that smells like human food and you know what that means…there’s more Beecher’s No Woman for me!!

I give the Beecher’s No Woman Four Paws out of Four Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions (from Beecher’s):

  • Pair No Woman on a plate with dried mango and roasted almonds
  • Melt on a shaved pork or turkey sandwich
  • Use half No Woman and half Just Jack to make a sultry macaroni and cheese

Wine and Beer Pairings for Beecher’s No Woman:

Wine: Chardonnay

Beer: Hefeweizen, Indian Pale Ale or Red Ale

Awards: 2006 – 2nd Place for Cheeses Flavored with All Peppers – All Milks

Source: Cow’s Milk

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