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French Mimolette



The Lady tells me that this cheese is a recent addition at the Kiosk and has been well received by the customers. I’m willing to bet she hasn’t told any of them that the grayish, dusty crust is the result of cheese mites that munch on the rind to add flavor caused by their action on the surface. Humans are so wimpy that I think that would stop many of them from trying this delicious cheese.

This French cheese comes from the area around Lille and sometimes from Belgium and Holland. Evidently Louis XIV wanted a French cheese that resembled Edam…voila. However, also at his request, it was colored orange.

It is shaped like a large ball; almost the size of a soccer ball and the cheese is the color of cantaloupe or even pumpkin. This is the aged version of the cheese. The younger version tastes more like Parmesan and the aged tastes more like hazelnuts; a little salty with a slight spicy aftertaste.

I give it 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (because that’s all I’ve got…)

Serving Suggestions: It is a good choice for a cheese board; add it to salads, grated into an omelet and other cooked dishes such as Mac and cheese. I find that it pairs well with Ondatra zibethicus. Lucky for me, they are plentiful in the wetlands north of Salmon Creek. The Lady likes to pair it with an apple.

Wine and Beer Pairings:

Wine Pairings: Chianti and Sangiovese pair well with the “dusty” qualities of this cheese. Also pairs well with dessert wines and Port.

Beer Pairings: Acme Brown Ale

Source: Cow’s Milk

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