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DPI: Spaulding Gray is Calling You Out

As most of you know by now, this feline foodie says what’s on his mind…but I was surprised to learn that DPI had blocked my blog from viewing by its employees…

I understand the concept of internet filters but what could I have possibly said that offended DPI’s filter or was of such a sexual nature to get gnarled up in their content web?

So I reviewed a few of my entries and wonder which of these comments caught the attention of “the man” in IT:

Was it:

Referring to why Monks invented so many good cheeses, wines and liqueurs: “…here’s a news flash…when you give up sex; there’s nothing left but eating and drinking.”

Maybe this was the one:

Recounting a conversation with The Brain about living with The Lady: “…the bad news was “she’s gonna chop off your balls”.

Perhaps calling the 535 Members of Congress “Rat Ass Bastards” went over the line, regardless of the truthfulness of the statement (The Lady’s feelings, certainly not mine…)

Maybe it was the “Who Cut the Cheese” video clip from Two and a Half Men. Fart jokes seem to delight most humankind males and offend humankind females…this feline foodie’s observation is it has to do with DNA.

Was it revealing that The Lady think Camillo Villegas, a young pro golfer, has a “cute butt”?

It might have been my empathic statement about Copernicus, the “randy” billy goat owned by at Amy, Queen of Cheese, when I stated, Personally, I understand the dilemma that Copernicus faced – getting laid immediately (strong incentive for any male) or the possibility of the vet neutering you and never getting laid again…what’s a guy to do???”

Hmmm…maybe I do deserve to be censored…nope…I just call em as I see em…

Call your Congressman, a member of the 535 Rat Ass Bastard Club…according to The Lady, and ask them to pass a Bailout Bill for this feline foodie. Better yet, call DPI and tell them to let Spaulding Gray back in the house…

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