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Beemster Graskaas

Beemster Graskaas

Beemster Graskaas

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day…The lady brought home a new Beemster Cheese and this Feline Foodie is one happy cat…

“Graskaas” means “Grass Cheese”. This cheese is so named as it is made from the first milkings when the Beemster cows return to the grassy Beemster Polder (land below sea level reclaimed for farming) after a winter without grazing. The lush young grasses of the Polder give the milk a special creamy flavor and that flavor shines through into this cheese.

It is said that the cows literally jump and rush through the Polder because they are so excited to be outdoors again…I do the same thing when the rainy season is over in the Pacific Northwest…Beemster cows, “Word!!”

It is a young cheese (aged one month); only available in late June and into July in the United States. With only about 2000 wheels produced each year, this cheese doesn’t last very long. If you see it; don’t wait; it’ll be gone the next time you look for it…like that thing-a-ma-gig you see at Costco…

This Gouda-style cheese is a lush yellow with a green wax rind. At room temperature it’s creamy in texture and so buttery it melts in your mouth. The taste is on the mild side and oh so delish. Kids will love this cheese as its flavor is quite “kid-friendly”.

My only regret is that the wedge was too small for me to get seconds…however, I did notice that The Lady and The Man got seconds…what’s up with that? I’m the feline foodie around here; I do all the heavy lifting…but The Lady and The Man seem to get all the “perks”…it’s just not right…time to ask The Brain for advice on how to wrangle these two humankinds…

This is the fourth Beemster cheese I have enjoyed. You can read my othe reviews here.

I give Beemster Graskaas 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions:  It’s hard to think of anything you can’t do with this cheese. It’s sublime alone as a snack; the way I sampled it. It would go really well with those green, seedless grapes that The Lady eats as a snack. My bet is that it would kill in a grilled cheese with a mild Anaheim chili added. In mac n cheese it might create a riot when it’s gone…

Wine Pairings: Washington State’s Kiona Winery Award-Winning red Mountain Estate Dry Riesling

Beer Pairings: Bridgeport’s Award-Winning ESB

Source: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

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