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Rogue River Blue

rogue river blue


Made from Raw Milk Using Sustainable Practices


2011 Feline Foodie Awards – Second Place in Best of Show Category

Best of Show – American Cheese Society: 2009, 2011 (only the second American Artisan Cheese to win twice)

After waiting for what seemed to be a lifetime, The Lady finally received her four-wheel allotment of the 2009 American Cheese Society Best of Show, Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River Blue… and it was worth the wait…

The Lady brought home a wedge this week for The Man, Miss Anne, the tall guy named “Dad” and her favorite feline foodie (that would be me) to taste and enjoy.

This fine blue cheese brought home Worlds Best Blue Cheese from the World Cheese Awards in 2004; the first time an American Blue had beaten out the Stiltons and Roqueforts of Europe.

This raw milk, vegetarian-suitable cheese is wrapped in Syrah grape leaves that were macerated in local Oregon Pear brandy. Its rich, creamy and a little sweet… what can I say…well, it is the perfect blue cheese.

It is seasonal and when it’s gone…well it’s gone… The Lady is thrilled to have four wheels but with it flying out the door at her store, it won’t be long before her customers are waiting for her 2010 allotment…

There are only 4 Paws that this humble feline foodie can award Rogue River Blue and I gladly give all 4 of them…I wonder, if I had 6 Paws, would The Lady have been allotted 6 wheels…something to think about…

Serving Suggestions: We enjoyed this exquisite blue on 34° Natural Crispbread and it was divine. The Lady sliced a few pears and had some red seedless grapes. We were all in cheese heaven.

Wine Pairing: I think you could pair this cheese with a spectrum of robust wines such as Cabernet and Syrah  and not just dessert wines as are usually associated with blue cheeses. Although, you know this baby would just stand tall and be perfect with a Port.

Beer Pairings: This should pair well with stout.

Awards: The Big Kahuna at this year’s American Cheese Society and too many others to list…

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