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Interview with Ron Smith, Australian Dairy Farmer

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Wandering the internet, I came across this terrific video of an interview with a small dairy farmer in Australia:

TheMilkKitchen — July 10, 2009 — Arabella Forge talks to dairy farmer Ron Smith about pasture based dairy farming and the quality milk it produces.

4 comments on “Interview with Ron Smith, Australian Dairy Farmer”

  1. Helen Disler

    Ron and his wife Bev have led the way in organic farming. They were the 1st dairy farmers in Australia to be certified. With great commitment they have transformed degraded land into a rich, biodiverse farm. For anyone interested, they are featured with Dr. Maarten Stapper, of Australian story fame,in 2 of our Farming Secrets ‘Fast Track’ DVDs. They can be found at http://www.farmingsecrets.com/fs/store Thank you, Helen

  2. cheesemonger

    Helen, thanks so much for the additional information on Ron and Bev. Also, happy to learn about your website. We will be checking it out today.

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