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Willamette Valley Cheese Company Cheese Plate

The Lady and The Man went to the Portland Farmers’ Market yesterday and left me at home… at least they left me in charge and I was able to nap to my heart’s content…

They returned with some raspberries, Cipolline onions and fresh pastry on their breaths… and two cheeses from the Willamette Valley Cheese Company, makers of that wonderful Brindisi that The Lady sells at her kiosk.

She served the two cheeses on a plate before our lunch to celebrate The Man’s Father Day… neither of them acknowledged even the possibility that I have little Feline Foodies running free in beautiful Downtown Burbank… but I digress…

The first cheese we tasted on the plate was Boerenkaas, made from raw Jersey milk. This is a rich, buttery colored cheese and the taste is also buttery with a little citrus note. As The Lady explained to The Man, raw milk always comes closer to retaining the taste of the cow diet; tastes that pasteurizing usually kills. I thought it was also a bit nutty with just a bit of sharpness.

The Man was quite taken with this cheese and The Lady had to remind him that sharing is a nice characteristic to practice… he seemed to not agree but finally let your favorite Feline Foodie have a couple more morsels of this divine cheese.

Along with the Boerenkaas, the cheese plate also included a wedge of Aged Farmstead Gouda. Its smooth texture was a little paler in color than the Boerenkaas with a tangy sharpness that lingers on the palate. There is a lemon aftertaste that is quite pleasant as well.

The Lady served these simply with Vinta Crackers which didn’t detract from the cheeses.

I give this Willamette Valley Cheese Company mini-Cheese Plate 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: The Lady suggested that the leftover wedges be used in omelets tomorrow and The Man and I both liked the idea. (It’s always nice having The Lady home for a few days… we eat better…) You might add a few grapes to a cheese plate and some nuts. You can’t go wrong.

Wine Pairing: Pair these with a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir such as Adelsheim.

Beer Pairing: Belgium Dubbel.

Source: Jersey Cows

Awards: Ron Vobeda has won lots of awards for many of his farmstead cheeses.

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