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Sally Jackson to Close Down: A Sad Ending for a Pioneer Artisan Cheesemaker

The Lady and I have spent quite some time this morning reading many articles about Sally Jackson and the E. Coli outbreak traced to/blamed on her and her cheesemaking facility. In August, The Lady had the great pleasure of tasting Sally’s raw milk sheep cheese and proclaimed it one of the best cheeses she has ever eaten. She stands by this statement. She told The Man, “You know how your brain can recall a smell or a taste… I can still taste Sally’s cheese in my mind… it was that good.”

Without getting into how The Lady feels about the US government, aka the “rat ass bastards” (her opinion and certainly not mine, your humble Feline Foodie), The Lady contends there are two sides to every story and somewhere in between lies the truth…

We found an article written by Lynne Terry of The Oregonian which traces how scientists were able to “track” this outbreak back to Sally Jackson cheese. We thought you might enjoy it as well:

“In the past few weeks, scientific sleuths in Portland helped solve a mysterious outbreak of E. coli in a multi-state investigation that involved a wedding in Washington state, dumpster diving in Yamhill County and cheese samples at a gourmet store in Seattle.

The investigation was sparked by two unrelated cases in Roseburg and ended in an outbreak that sickened eight people in four states and the recall of all of cheese made by a highly respected raw milk cheesemaker in north-central Washington.

Getting to that recall — of Sally Jackson cheese — took a lot of footwork, phonework and guesswork on the part of Oregon Public Health and other state and federal agencies.

To this day, no one sickened remembers consuming Sally Jackson cheese. But epidemiologists managed to pinpoint it anyway…”

Please read the entire article by clicking here. (It’s worth it, really.)

Our thanks to Lynne for this article. You can follow her at Twitter: Lynnepdx

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