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Holiday Cheese Board #7 – Get Your Goat On…

When The Lady and I began our cheese journey, we weren’t fans of goat milk cheeses. The first we ever tried was a hard cheddar from England that almost wiped out our taste buds… but over time, we ventured back into the water and have found several goat milk cheeses that we even love and here are a few of them together on our seventh holiday cheese board:

Westfield Farm Capri

The Lady first tasted this at Murray’s Boot Camp last summer and brought some home for The Man and me… she’s so much better at sharing than is The Man… he could take a few lessons from The Lady… but I digress. This fresh chevre is delicate and citrusy… the perfect start to our goat cheese board.

Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog

One of our favorites here at the manse, this award-winning cheese is so moist and creamy with just a hint of goat… you’re gonna love it…

Gothberg Aged Goat Gouda

Sweet and nutty, it should be a requirement to have a Rhonda Gothberg goat milk cheese on every cheese board… seriously….


This is actually a mixed milk blue from Spain but a great way to end this goat cheese board.

Now, go forth and get your goat… and happy holidays to all our cheesy friends…

Remember, December 31st we will announce the 2011 Feline Foodie Awards…


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