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Croque Madame Made Using Boska Toastabags

The Lady is home after what seems forever to The Man and me… and that means cooking that doesn’t include the microwave… that makes both of us happy…

This morning The Lady announced she was making Croque Madame for breakfast… not to be confused with Croque Monsieur which she made recently after acquiring Culinaria France.

Just like the French to make it sound so fancy… Croque Madame is basically a grilled ham and cheese topped with a fried egg.

As you may recall, The Lady teamed with Boska last spring and gave away their nifty Toastabags. Today she used their clever bags to make our breakfast.

The Toastabags are easy and saved energy and cleanup along with saving a few calories by eliminating the need for butter on the outside… although, I would never denigrate butter…, it’s one of God’s gifts… If you haven’t used the Toastabags  you can order them by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this post or by visiting the Boska website.

Here’s what The Lady did:


Thin slices of deli ham

Black Diamond Extra Sharp Cheddar

9 Grain bread

Eggs, fried sunny-side up in bacon grease


1. Gather your ingredients and prepare them: slicing.Normally The Lady shreds the cheese when grilling, but decided to slice it thin for use in the Toastabag.

2. Assemble sandwich.

3. Insert into Toastabag.

4. Insert Toastabag into toaster.

5. Turn on the toaster.

6. Fry egg in bacon grease.

7. Top grilled cheese with egg.

8. Eat and enjoy.

9. Clean-up after yourself. Toastabags can be washed in the top section of the dishwasher.

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