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River’s Edge Chevre: Award-Winning Siltcoos

The Lady brought home this little disc of ash-covered goat cheese that made us all swoon… Siltcoos made by Pat Morford at River’s Edge Chevre in Oregon. This surface-ripened cheese has a lovely fern frond on top; a reminder of the forest grounds of the Pacific Northwest.

You’re going to love this cheese; even if goats’ milk cheeses are not among your favorites… as you may recall, when The Lady and I started this cheese journey, we were not too familiar with goats’ milk cheese and the few we had tried, had not endeared us… then we met Alison Hooper, Bob Stetson and Rhonda Goldberg… and a new world of cheese was laid at our tummies…

Siltcoos is creamy, buttery with a nice tangy finish. As it ages, it will become creamier but it probably won’t have a chance to age once you cut into it… you’ll eat it all in a matter of moments of hours…

At the recent American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Competition, Siltcoos won the coveted Best of Show Award (second time this cheese has been honored with the Best of Show award). Congratulations to Pat and everyone at River’s Edge Chevre.

I give Siltcoos 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: In an early position on your next cheese platter – you’ll dazzle your guests. Add a little Dalmatian Fig Jam and they’ll be swooning… a common event around the manse with The Man…

Wine Pairing: The Lady served an Oregon Pinot Grigio.

Beer Pairing: Try a Weissbock.

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