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Fresh Greens With Sartori Dolcino Gorgonzola, EVOO and O Honey Apple Sparkling Vinegar

o honey appleLast month, The Lady introduced me to a humankind tradition called “New Year’s Resolutions”. It seems that when the New Year starts, humankinds view it as a chance for a “do-over” or a time to change bad habits… In all the years living with The Lady and The Man, they have never adhered to this tradition. This year, however, The Lady decided to buy into tradition and make one…

“To eat more fruits, nuts and vegetables…” (the “good-for-you” kind…)

With her traveling and love of cheese, she realizes that something called “dieting” is not much in the cards; but she can counter-balance those with more fruits, nuts and veggies… of course, if she’d exercise… yeah, right… like that’s ever going to happen… but I slightly digress…

As a result of this “resolution” concept, The Lady has been fixing lots of salads and drinking lots of Odwalla Mango Tango, her favorite fruit smoothie.o-honey-apple-salad-290x242

Today she made a salad with lettuce, celery, raw asparagus, grapes, tomatoes,mushrooms, toasted pecans and a boiled egg which she topped with crumbled Sartori Dolcino Gorgonzola. Then she ground a little Mediterranean Sea Salt and ground Tellicherry Black Pepper.

She finished the salad with a sprinkling of California Arbequina EVOO and O Honey Apple Sparkling Vinegar.

The O Olive Oil Company, based in California, has been making citrus-crushed olive oils and high-quality vinegars since the mid-90s. The Honey Apple Vinegar The Lady used is made with sparkling apple cider and honey. It added a nice sweetness with a hint of apple tartness.

The Lady and The Man pronounced the salad a success and finished the meal with a plate of Beecher’s new Flatiron Washed-Rind cheese.

Review of Flatiron follows this posting.

FTC Full Disclosure – The manufacturer sent me their product(s), without any obligation on my part, hoping I would review the product/cheese. For more information, please see my About Me page.

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