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Cheese and Beer by Janet Fletcher

IMG_20130407_124024_796The Lady and I received a review copy of Janet Fletcher’s latest book, Beer and Cheese, and have spent the last week learning much we didn’t know about beer and understanding better how to pair beers (ales and Lagers) with cheese.

Janet pairs more than 200 cheeses with that many ales and lagers. But this book goes far beyond simple pairing charts; she begins by introducing the reader to a type of beer by explaining its “notes”. She then suggests specific beers in the style and finishes with cheeses that pair well with the beer and why.

For example “Dubbel”; we learn it is bottle conditioned, which means it is fermented in the bottle and this process may render a beer not crystal clean. The alcohol content will be between 6 and 8 per cent which will create an almost viscous body due to the elevated alcohol… for the connoisseur, this may be already known, but to someone less schooled in beer, this information is good to know and helps us understand better its malty sweetness and why it pairs well with an aged goat cheese like Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon… a favorite around the manse.

You’ll also learn that due to its lower alcohol content and effervescent, a wheat beer is an excellent thirst quencher and with a lack of bitterness, pairs well with younger cheeses such as Burrata and Franklin’s Temele.

The photography is amazing with every style of beer pictured with a cheese plate that works well together. The Lady and I particularly liked the front and back covers…

Janet also takes the time to discuss how to store both cheeses and beers. We learned that certain beers should be served at refrigerator temperature (such as IPAs) while Barley Wines should be served ten degrees warmer.IMG_20130407_124037_188

You’ll find yourself pulling this book off the shelf every time you think about beer and cheese.

If you’re just starting your journey with beer and cheese, this is the perfect “GPS” to keep you on the right path. If you are already miles down that road, you’ll find new pairing to prolong your journey and make it more enjoyable.

The publication date for Cheese and Beer is next Sunday, April 16th. You can pre-order it by clicking on the icon below.

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