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Meet Andrea Horton, Whole Foods ACS Certified Cheese Professional

andrea hortonToday The Lady and I are pleased to feature Andrea Horton working at Whole Foods in Atlanta, Georgia and another of the proud 121 ACS Certified Cheese Professionals of 2012.

Andrea is a lifelong cheese lover who has been working in the food industry for 9 years. She is happily residing at the Whole Foods Market in Atlanta with aspirations to become a cheese maker herself.

Like me, Andrea runs the blog, Whiskey Chicken,  in her spare time.

Here are the questions I like to ask and Andrea’s charming answers:

1.      What is your favorite cheese pairing: I really enjoy any strong blue cheese (such as Valdeon) with muscadine jelly.

2.      Please create a cheese platter for us: Vermont Butter & Cheese Co. Bijou, Herve Mons Pyrenees Brebis, Beaufort, Meadow Creek Grayson, Rogue River Blue with plenty of Savannah Bee Co. honey comb and sliced pears.

3.       What is your favorite grilled cheese? Mahon and Prosciutto on raisin bread with plenty of butter!

4.      Tell us one non-cheesy fact about you: I’m a huge nerd for all 80’s fantasy/sci-fi movies.

5.     If you could have dinner with any famous person, alive or historical, who would you choose and why: Thomas Jefferson and Alton Brown. Ok, ok I’m cheating, but I think their mutual love of good food, innovativeness, and intellect would make for one fascinating dinner conversation!

Our thanks to Andrea for taking time from her mongering and blogging duties to chat with us. Be sure and visit her website!!!

Sneak peek: Coming soon: “Cheeses you should know”. The Lady and I are going to explore 150 cheeses that every cheese nerd should know…

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