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Harbison from Jasper Hill Farm

harbison_beauty_smallerWhile in Bend, Oregon, I stopped in Whole Foods and found a couple wheels of Harbison. Naturally I bought one and brought it home for The Man and The Cat to taste and enjoy with me.

Recently I discovered The Cat’s unfinished “To Do” list and among his “un-reviewed cheeses” I found Harbison… sheesh… you’d think Harbison would be one he would have written before heading back to the MotherShip… one more time… cleaning up after The Cat… but like The Cat… I digress…

Harbison is a bloomy rind, wrapped in bark, made using pasteurized cow’s milk with traditional, animal rennet. It is named after Anne Harbison, a community leader in Greensboro, Vermont who has known the Kehler Brothers since they were boys. How nice of them to honor her.

We sliced off the top of the wheel, which weighs less than a pound, scooped the creamy cheese out with a spoon and spread it across a simple, freshly baked baguette. Just a little bit of heaven as we sat in front of the fire and enjoyed a quite evening of cheese and “binge” TV… as I recall it was Downton Abbey… will January ever arrive?

Harbison is a little woodsy, with herbal notes and a sweet, lingering lactic taste. The local bark contributes the woodsy notes and the cows and the cheesemakers do the rest… simply sublime.

As mentioned often by Spaulding Gray, The Man didn’t want to share and we had to fight for our fair shares… as much as I loved his mom, she really missed the boat in teaching him to share… lucky for him (and me), all of his other wonderful personality quirks over-shadow this small, annoying one…

Harbison definitely qualifies for 4 Paws… missing those paws…

Serving Suggestion: This is definitely a “centerpiece” cheese for your upcoming holiday cheese boards. Just add some bread and your done.

Wine Pairing: A sparkling wine to enhance the flavors and clean the palette before moving on to the next cheese on your board.

Beer Pairing: How about a Pilsner?

Source: Pasteurized cow’s milk from Vermont.

Photo from Jasper Hill Farm website… somehow I cannot find my own picture… maybe The Cat took it with him…



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