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It’s Chai Time…

IMG_20140311_140000_216Sometimes The Man and I simply enjoy a wedge of cheese in the evening after a long day in the Cheese Mines…

The night before my last trip to New York, third in three weeks, The Man and I chose to sample and taste a Sartori Bellavitano rubbed with Chai. We paired the cheese with Chai Parm Crisps made by Kitchen Table Bakers.

Sartori is a favorite around The Manse and their cheeses never disappoint. Last summer when I visited their Antigo plant, one of the tasks I was allowed to do included rubbing Chai on Bellavitano. That was my first encounter with Chia; I knew of Chai; I knew Chai was one of the latest food crazes, but I had never tried it. The kind folks at Sartori sent me away that day with a bag of cheese, which included a wedge of the Chai Bella. You can read my review by clicking here.IMG_20140311_140505_918

Recently I received some samples from Kitchen Table Bakers, the folks who make those yummy parm crisps, 100% cheese and 100% gluten-free and 100% delish. Spaulding and I have reviewed several of their flavors. My recent review of the Grafton 4-Year Cheddar included KTB Crisps with Caraway seeds.

The KTB Crisps with Chai are tasty; the spices in the Chai added a bit of ginger and cinnamon without over-powering the rich nuttiness of the parmesan. Alone, these crisps are great snackers but with the Chai Bella the spices from both make for a perfect pairing… and let’s face it, what could be better than cheese with cheese???

I give the Kitchen Table Bakers 100% Parm Crisps with Chai 4 Paws and the pairing with the Chai Bella also 4 Paws…

FTC Full Disclosure – The manufacturer sent me their product(s), without any obligation on my part, hoping I would review the product/cheese. For more information, please see my About Me page.



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