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Marin French Triple Creme with Honey and Spice… and Everything Nice

Marin French Triple Creme with Kelly's Jelly Selection and Blue Haven Bee Company Honeys

Marin French Triple Creme with Kelly’s Jelly Selection and Blue Haven Bee Company Honeys

While out wandering around last month, I snagged a small wheel of Marin French Cheese’s Triple Creme which I left in the fridge to ripen before enjoying with The Man. Yesterday, we decided to crack that baby open. To spice it up, I added a locally made Kelly’s Jelly selection and two honeys from Northeast Georgia’s Blue Haven Bee Company. I also added 34° Natural Crispbread Crackers to the plate; my “go-to” crackers… there’s always a couple of boxes of 34°s in the cupboard.

Marin French Cheese Triple Creme

Marin French Cheese Triple Creme

Last summer, my sister-in-law, Susie (who knows everyone) and I visited Marin French Cheese while making our pilgrimage to Cowgirl Creamery at Pt. Reyes Station. We sampled the triple creme there but didn’t buy it; the crowd was overwhelming the staff… good for them… not so much for an impatient shopper such as myself… sorry to confess this failing.

Earlier this week, I was hanging out with Kelly… yes, of Kelly’s Jelly… who has (perhaps reluctantly…) agreed to let me come “make” jelly with her soon… she sent me home with a selection of her pepper-based, spicy jellies (See disclaimer below). As mentioned from my other adventures, “make” means she will let me do stuff that won’t mess it up… letting me think I am contributing and preserving the integrity of her jelly… win/win…

One of my lifelong journeys is to try new pairings with cheese… other journeys include searching for the

Kelly's Jelly Strawbanero, Pine-a-Peno and Blue Haven Bee Company's Gallberry Honey

Kelly’s Jelly Strawbanero, Pine-a-Peno and Blue Haven Bee Company’s Gallberry Honey

perfect mac n cheese, the perfect fried chicken and let us not forget… to see Tiger Woods both tie and break Jack’s 18 Major Win record… I remain a loyal Tiger Wood’s fan (unlike someone living in the house with me, who shall remain nameless)… I never wavered; never will… as he continues his lifelong journey to tie and break Jack’s Record… note to Tiger… sooner than later… you’re not getting any younger and neither am I… would like to see you complete your journey before I head to the Cheese Counter in Heaven… just sayin… but I digress…

Cheese Plating 101 suggests you let your cheese sit out and reach room temperature before eating… that’s when it tastes the way the Cheesemaker intended. I let this Triple Creme sit out for about an hours… precisely the length of time it took to view episode 3am to 4am of the first season of 24, our current binge TV… loving the new Amazon Fire TV

With a “Best By Date” of February 3rd, I expected a runnier Triple Creme at room temperature but it held its shape with just a bit of oozing. That in no way diminished the taste; rich, creamy and buttery… everything you expect from a cheese with a minimum of 75% butter fat (in the dry matter). Not even a whiff of ammonia… a good thing… and mild taste making it a perfect vessel to top with the spicy jellies from Kelly and the sweet, richness of the Blue Haven honeys. 

Kelly's Jellies

Kelly’s Jellies

Kelly uses all natural ingredients including Cane Sugar and Organic Vinegar (except in her Marionero, which has no vinegar). In addition to her Marionero, we paired the triple creme with her Strawbanero (which appears every Thursday at Voodoo Doughnuts, featured in the jelly doughnut), Pine-a-Peno and her original Habanero Pepper Jelly. Kelly started with a family recipe and tradition; a fun story which I will share in the near future after “making” jelly with her in her Certified Kitchen in Lake Oswego…

Blue Haven honeys are raw and unfiltered except to remove any critter parts. I chose the Gallberry which Monroe, the owner and beekeeper, suggested would pair well with cheese and my now-favorite honey flavor, Sourwood.

As for The Man’s thoughts… well… wait for it… he swooned. His favorite pairing: the Marionero Jelly.

With Blue Haven's Sourwood Honey

With Blue Haven’s Sourwood Honey

IF I had to pick a favorite pairing it would be with the Sourwood Honey; however, I have as yet to find any cheese pairing I don’t like… I loved the spiciness of the pepper jellies with the creamy, buttery flavor of the triple Creme.

I give the Marin French Triple Creme 3 Paws but when paired with the jellies and honeys, I have to elevate the entire platter to 4 Paws…

Serving Suggestions: Mild Triple Cremes and Bries pair well with sweet condiments including jellies, jams, honey, fresh fruit and chocolate. Toss in a few Marcona Almonds and you’ve got both a sweet and salty party going on. You can also spread these cheeses on a warm baguette, don a beret and dream of Paris… something I do regularly…

Wine Pairing: Champagne, of course. Champagne both enhances the flavor while the bubbles lifts the butterfat off your palate leaving the mouth clean and ready for more.

Beer Pairing: A Pilsner for the same reasons as choosing Champagne. Although my favorite Beer Enthusiast, Mike Wright, might disagree.

FTC Full Disclosure – The manufacturer of one or more products provided samples, hoping I would review their product(s). For more information regarding my acceptance of samples and reviews of products, please visit my “About Me” page.

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