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Cheese of the Day: March 3 – Wilde Weide Gouda

Wilde Weide Gouda. Photo copyright kaasboerderij de vierhuizen 2017.

Today’s Cheese of the Day deep dive is presented by ACS CCP® James Danforth who will be taking us on a weekly tour of Gouda-style cheeses with ACS CCP® Miranda McQuillan. This series is part of the Facebook Cheese Study Group‘s preparations for those taking the ACS CCP Exam® July 26 in Denver.

“Gouda morning, and welcome to Cheese of the Day Friday edition: Gouda. One of the oldest cheeses still made today, Gouda cheese dates back to 1184. “Gouda” refers more to a general style of cheese making rather than to a specific kind of cheese, pointing to the fact that the taste varies greatly based on age.
With so many different styles it can be overwhelming to pick one, so I asked the “Queen of Gouda” and worldwide bon vivant, Betty Koster her absolute favorite and she suggested Wilde Weide.

Meaning “wild meadow” in Dutch, Wilde Weide is a Boerenkaas (Farmhouse) Gouda produced by Jan and Roos van Schie on their small farm in Southern Holland. It’s made all year long but the taste and appearance will vary slightly according to the season. The affinage (aging time) time is 15 months.

This hard, pressed, uncooked, raw cow’s milk cheese has a straw yellow paste and small well-shaped eyes and speckles of crunchy amino acid crystals. Wilde Weide has a characteristic texture on the palate, crumbling into fine flakes before melting completely. The flavor profile is browned butter, lactic and mildly sharp with notes of sweet bourbon and/or whiskey. This is contrasted by the wonderful aroma of hazelnut, butter, whey and bourbon.

Enjoy this cheese with red Syrahs or mid fruity Gewurtzaminer and Riesling whites.”

You can dive deeper into Wilde Weide by clicking here. The translation is a little wonky, but you’ll enjoy the article from the cheesemakers.

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