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Cheese of the Day: March 4 – Beaufort AOC

Beaufort AOC. Copyright 2017

Our continuing Facebook Cheese Study Group Deep Dive into Cheese is presented today by ACS CCP® Pat Polowsky, owner and writer of the Cheese Science Toolkit. If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter and read his website regularly, then you can subscribe here. You can also check out Janet Fletcher’s conversation with Pat here.

Here’s what Pat had to say about Beaufort, a fine Alpine-style cheese that has inspired many American Artisan Cheesemakers:

Salutations and Coagulations. Saturdays will be devoted to exploring the exciting world of Alpine-style cheese.

Today’s lucky winner is Beaufort AOC/PDO.

Check out the PDO document (starts on page 5):…

A few quick facts:
Production location: Haute-Savoie, France
Milk type: Raw cow (exclusively Tarantaise and Abondance breeds)
Age: Minimum of 5 months
Shape/Size: Distinctive concave-circumference wheel that comes about from the beechwood belts used to help form for the wheels.

Beaufort contains at least 48% fat in the dry matter less than/equal to 39% moisture. A firm cheese that has a smooth mouthfeel. Flavors can range from buttery, nutty, and grassy to meaty, umami, floral, and barnyardy. In the transhumance tradition, cheese is made from cow’s milk which has been grazing on pastures from 1112 acres in the Rhone-Alps area consisting of the Beaufortain, Tarentaise, Maurienne valleys and a small section of the Val d’Arly.

Fun facts: If the cheese is marketed after being grated, use of the designation ‘Beaufort’ is prohibited. Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Upland’s Cheese – Wisconsin) is based on a Beaufort recipe.

Cheese Rank:

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