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Cheese of the Day: March 9 – Langres AOC

Our Facebook Cheese Study Group‘s Cheese of the Day series continues deep diving into Washed Rinds presented by ACS CCP® Erin Clancy. Today, she discusses Langres AOC:

It’s Washed Rind Thursday guys!! Today I am going to talk about one of my most favorite cheeses. Honestly, when people ask “What’s your favorite cheese?” and we all say we don’t have one, but we have one. One that set its’ self apart to us years ago when we were eager new cheesemongers with much to learn. One that doesn’t change. One that started the obsession with cheese in all of us that we will never forget. One that we will carry with us forever. Mine is Langres. Langres is an AOC (since ’75) French cheese from the Champagne Ardenne region. It is a washed rind cheese with a distinctive depression, or “well”, that traditionally is used to hold a bit of Champagne (bubbly!). The cheese is matured in cellar conditions for a period of time between four and five weeks, during which time it develops much of its unique character. The rind of each wheel receives a coating of annatto that turns it a golden-orange color. It is washed regularly with brine and Marc de Champagne to encourage the growth of the molds on the rind that mature the cheese. It’s another washed rind cheese that’s bark is bigger than it’s bite. Though it may smell funky it’s dense inner paste is smooth and silky with a salty, lactic flavor.

The more you know:

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