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March 12: Cheese of the Day – Rogue River Blue

Rogue River Blue

Every Sunday until July 1st, ACS CCP® Sheri Allen will be discussing blue cheeses at the Facebook Cheese Study Group. Today she is showcasing her favorite blue: Rogue River Blue made at Oregon’s Rogue Creamery. Sheri shared the following:

Since I am headed to the Oregon Cheese Festival next weekend, I thought I would post on a favorite American Artisan Original Blue. I’m completely addicted to this Cheese and excited to see where the magic happens for all of Rogue Creamery’s Blue Cheeses. This week’s Blue Cheese is – ROGUE RIVER BLUE

David Gremmels bought Rogue Creamery on a handshake from Ig Vella (Vella Cheese Company) in 2002. Rogue was originally founded in 1935 by Ig’s father, Tom, who ran it as a successful creamery for many years. Upon Tom’s death in 1998 (aged 100), Ig took over and then finally sold it in 2002, with the stipulation that it would continue to make the creamery’s signature cheeses according to tradition.

Today Rogue Creamery is a B Corporation having a strong commitment to Sustainability and Philanthropy. I’ve heard David speak many times at seminars about their Vision, Mission and Values. Read more about their philosophy on the Rogue website (link below).

David Gremmels, Rogue’s president found that milk harvested during the period from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice makes the best cheese, because the cows are enjoying fresh grass from the pastures after the first rainfalls of the season. Tied with a raffia ribbon, it is Rogue’s seasonal gift to Blue cheese lovers released on the Autumnal Equinox. Aged 12 -18 months. This seasonal cheese is literally gift wrapped in hand picked, biodynamic certified, Syrah grape leaves that are macerated in local pear brandy (8 months) from Clear Creek distillery.

Award winning cheese! Too many to list them all, check out the Rogue website for all of them. This cheese can be found internationally and I’ve seen it firsthand in Paris and London. Limited edition and limited quantities means “Get it while you can!” is what I tell customers. It’s no secret this is one of my very favorite Blue Cheeses in the World.

1st Place Gold
2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest

SuperGold Award; Best American Cheese
2012 World Cheese Awards, Birmingham, England

Tasting Notes: In tasting Rogue River Blue, David Gremmels says the action begins on the top and tip of the tongue with salty, savory flavors. “As the cheese melts across the mid-palate and around the sides of the tongue, it morphs into the meaty, nutty taste of Brazil nuts and, finally, the faintly piney notes of Matsutake mushrooms and sweet cream,” he says. (ref: CC).

Pairings: Sweet dessert wines, Port, Riesling or a Bold Red


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Rogue Website:

Oxford Companion to Cheese Pages 623-625

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