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Cheese of the Day: March 23 – Epoisses AOC

Thursdays at Facebook Cheese Study Group are Washed Rind Day presented by ACS CCP® Erin Clancy. Today she explores one of those stinky favorites:

Stinky cheese time!! I wanted to point out at that quite a few people remember Epoisses showing up on the exam in different years.

Epoisses is an AOP(1991), washed-rind cheese that’s made in Burgundy, France. After near extinction, Epoisses de Bourgogne was resurrected in 1956 by M. Berthaut, who started making Epoisses in-house and selling it to the village. It uses milk from the breeds of French Simmenthal, Montbeliarde and Brune cows. The curd is uncooked, hand-ladled very gently into molds, and allowed to drain naturally. This allows for the retention of as much moisture as possible. It is dry-salted and then each wheel takes a turn in French cave where it is washed first in a brine solution and then in Marc de Bourgogne. In the States it’s pasteurized but countries like France it’s made with raw milk. This 8oz round is packed in a delightful wooden box and shipped to a cheese counter where it eagerly waits to bring joy and flavor bombs to someone special. The packaging alone screams “Buy me! I’m perfect for traveling and look great with a bow!”

It’s meaty, sweet, heavy cream flavors sink into your tongue and leave you wanting more. Pairs with red Burgundy(what grows together goes together), Sauternes, barn-y wild fermented beers (funk on funk on funk), yeasty saisons, and even big ol’ IPAs. Historical fun fact, it is said that Napolean fancied Epoisses, ate a ton of it, and drank lots of wine with it. Think about that while you eat and drink!

Also, ARE YOU SERIOUS PHOTO?? Yes I’ll bite into that Epoisses doughnut (photo cred to Cheese and Champagne. I HAD to use it).


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