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Cheese of the Day: March 29 – Pecorino Romano

ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud presents Pecorino Romano to our Facebook Cheese Study Group today:

Good Morning Cheesies! Today I present to you PECORINO ROMANO as our cheese of the day. This is quite an ancient cheese, having been written about by Pliny the Elder two thousand years ago. It originated in the countryside surrounding Rome and was a very important ration for Roman soldiers. It’s production takes place in Lazio (the province where Rome is located) in Sardinia and also Tuscany. It is chiefly used as a cooking cheese, grated over pasta and in recipes for meat sauces and meatballs, and is also delicious for roasted and sauteed vegetables. I love it in fennel orange salads and with pan-roasted asparagus!

I’ll be honest, it took a long, long time for me to identify the flavor of sheep’s milk cheeses. I had to visit a sheep farm and experience the atmosphere of the sheep before it sunk into my sensory brain. The best way I have ever heard it described was that it is like melted ice cream (sans sugar and flavoring, of course). What this captures is the richness of the milk, which has twice the fat and 70% more protein than cow’s milk. Robert McKeown, in his entry in The Oxford Companion to Cheese charmingly describes pecorino romano thusly “a paste that, while compact, crumbles nicely and settles on the palate with bright, tangy notes that balance sheepy sweetness with lashings of salinity”.

Have you ever tried to sell cheese to a New Yorker? I have, and it took a minute to get used to it. They know everything already. They insist on Locatelli, and nothing else will do, not even Pecorino Sini Fulvi, which I happen to love. They will go without rather than settle, so I make sure to stock it. But I couldn’t find an actual website for Locatelli as I researched for this post. The info I found indicates that the Locatelli family has been making the cheese in Lazio for 500 years. A proud tradition indeed, I would love to hear more about them, feel free to post in the comments!

A consortium was established in 1979 to establish and enforce the standard of excellence of Pecorino Romano. DOP status was granted in 1996.

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