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Cheese of the Day: March 30 – Winnimere

Washed Rind Thursday guys! Presented by ACS CCP® Erin Clancy:

Today we feature Winnimere!

Oh you sweet, sweet funky cheese. I love you so much. Silky and rich texture with flavor notes of bacon, sweet cream, resin, and spruce. You were made to honor the likes of Vacherin Mont d’Or or Försterkäse and honor you did. Keeping the tradition alive, this cheese is only made during the winter months (November until the end of April) when the Ayrshire cows are giving rich, hay-fed raw milk. It’s named after the corner of Caspian Lake where the Kehlers’ grandfather had an ice fishing shack. It’s a RAW milk, washed-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark (which in turn smells like Christmas, which smells delicious). It uses traditional rennet and is aged just over 60 days. The wood is from the cambium layer of the tree, which is the thin sheet between the bark and the heartwood, harvested from the forest on Jasper Hill Farm. It is washed in a cultured salt brine to promote even rind development.

It pairs well with a spoon. That is all.

Ok, in reality in pairs well with more than just a spoon. A spoon and friends. I also like it with MEAT. Any kind. All kinds. Make a charcuterie plate and put a wheel of this in the middle. Fat on fat, salt on salt, meat on meat. YUM. To drink JH suggests a smoky, meaty red wine or porter. You can also have a fruity red or an off-dry cider to bring out those sweet cream flavors in the cheese. I like it with lambic beers. Others like it with Belgian quads.

It won Best in Show at the 2013 American Cheese Society’s Annual conference and tied for 3rd place in the Best in Show category in 2016 ( specifically Greensward which is made at Jasper Hill and aged at Murray’s). Also, I think this beaut it was the first ever Culture Magazine centerfold (please correct me if I am wrong). Per comment by Mateo Kehler, Winnimere has been washed in a straight-up bring since 2011.…/jasper-hill-farm-winnimere-rev…

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