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Cheese of the Day: March 31 – Klavenkaas and Cablanca Goudas


Fridays are Gouda Days at the Facebook Cheese Study Group with ACS CCP® James Danforth and ACS CCP® Miranda McQuillan presenting Goudas. I decided to combine their posts today for your Gouda enjoyment.

James presents Klavenkaas, a Murray’s Cheese exclusive:

Gouda evening everyone! It’s Gouda Friday (sorry, I really don’t have any puns left).

Today’s selection is Kaamps , or “Estate Gouda.” This is a proprietary cheese—which means Murray’s Cheese has bought up the entire production from the Klaamps’ family farm. This is a Klaverkaas, or ‘clover cheese’ whose name refers to the rich diet of sweet green clover that the single herd of Holstein-Friesian graze daily. Their milk produces this creamy, rich, nutty, and terrifically aromatic cheese.

Kaamps Gouda has thick, fudgy paste that sticks to your teeth with sweet caramel nuttiness and hints of Crème brûlée on the solid foundation of a buttery cow’s milk tang. Or to be succinct: “This is Gouda as intended.”

This version of the authentic Boerenkaas (Dutch for ‘farmer’s cheese’) has been hand-made on the farm using pure milk from the farm’s own herds in the Netherlands for generations. The loving stewardship by the Kaamps family, one of the few remaining Dutch farmstead creameries, results in a cheese that is perfect for nearly every occasion. Pair it with spiced cherry preserves and candied walnuts for a dessert cheese board, or a smear of whole grain mustard and thinly sliced Spanish Salchichon for a savory cheese board. You can simply snack on it or make a mac-n-cheese that will absolutely give you life on even your gloomiest of days!

Miranda presents Cablanca, Gouda Goat Gouda:

Cablanca Goat Gouda

The Gouda, the Bad and the ugly, for my late night Gouda post! Btw, I am also running dangerously low on Gouda puns! Il keep trying though, as we all love good cheese puns! No matter what, I always laugh even if ive heard it 1000times!)

I wanted to talk a little bit about cablanca today which is a goat Gouda, much like Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove, but less aged, so less sharpness and more creaminess!

ASSORTMENT from Orange Windmill
Black Pepper
Mediterranean Herbs
Garden Herbs
Garden Herbs
Chili Pepper
Black Pepper
Garden Herbs
Cablanca is typically white in colour and is made from 100% pure, pasteurised goat’s milk. It is has a mild and creamy, well rounded taste and was recently awarded Gold at The Great Taste Awards. It is one of the most popular cheeses in the Orange Windmill range.
Weight: 4.5 kg, 50% f.i.d.m.
Age: Naturally ripened for five weeks.
Serving suggestion:
Sprinkle this award winning goat’s cheese over a salad or add to a toasted sandwich for a delicious lunch.
Nutritional facts +
Cablanca Cheese salad Dutch inspiration
Cablanca Cheese salad
Small dish for 4 persons
about 15 minutes
A delicious light healthy lunch with Cablanca cheese and crunchy apples. Topped with a dusting of chives and dressed with nuts.

© 2017 Orange Windmill FrieslandCampina


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