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Cheese of the Day: April 3 – Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

As we continue our Cheese of the Day Series at our Facebook Cheese Study Group, I chose to deep dive into an Award-Winning US Artisan Cheddar from Vermont: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar:

This traditionally-made cheddar is a collaboration between the Cabot Creamery and The Kehler Brothers at the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. In 2003, the Cabot Creamery approached Jasper Hill Farm with a small batch of cheddar that it wanted aged in the Cellars on the Jasper Hill Farm. The collaboration was successful, successful enough that in 2006, the American Cheese Society chose Cabot Clothbound as its Best of Show cheese at the annual cheese competition.

The young, thirty-two pound truckles arrive at JHF where they are rubbed with lard and an additional layer of cheese cloth is applied. The truckles ripen in a specially-calibrated vault at JHF where each truckle is brushed, turned and constantly monitored for quality. The aging process is between nine and fourteen months. Made with pasteurized milk and as with any cheese aged more than 60 days, Cabot Clothbound is lactose-free.

The milk comes from George Kempton’s Farm in Peacham, VT.

Tasting notes include savory with a caramel sweetness. Near the natural rind, you will find an earthiness that most clothbound cheddars share. I have on occasion found a tangy, pineapple aftertaste and other times gotten most of a toasted nuttiness aroma. When working for Murray’s Cheese and Kroger, Cabot Clothbound was a staple in the “line-up” so I have tasted a lot of Cabot Clothbound over the last decade and while many tastes are different, every taste has been sublime.

Although never “officially” verified, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Vermont Cave-Aged Cheddar is made by Cabot and aged in the same caves at JHF.

From the JHF website: This savory-sweet balance of flavor makes a perfect match for charcuterie, apple jelly, or a rich chestnut honey. Pair with an off-dry sparkling apple cider, hoppy ale, or an oaked Cabernet Sauvignon.

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