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Cheese of the Day: May 1 – Books on Cheddar

In the US, when you say cheese, the first one that normally comes to mind is Cheddar; that ubiquitous cheese that “says cheese”!!

Cheddar’s roots go back to England and the area around the small hamlet of Cheddar. Not surprisingly, the first immigrant cheesemakers made the cheese of their homeland, Cheddar.

There are two books I highly recommend that trace the history of Cheddar in both England and the US:

Richard Green, who is a “Cheese Grader” by trade and often found judging at cheese contests around the world wrote “The Last West Country Cheddar Cheese Maker”. This book opens the door to the history of Cheddar the in England; its popularity; its decline and resurgence. 

“Cheddar” by Gordon Edgar is the history of this iconic cheese in America; how the industrialization of cheese made cheese in America a joke in England and today how Artisan Cheesemakers are giving England a run for its money when if comes to quality Cheddars.

Both books are fun to read and educational for those who want to increase their Cheese IQ and those taking the ACS CCP Exam®.

Congratulations to our 2017 ACS CCP Exam and Conference Winners: Kelley Jewell, Tyler Frankenberg, ACS CCP® Hazel-Rue Woodies and ACS CCP® Matt Bellingham. Thanks to the generous donations from cheese lovers everywhere, we are thrilled to send these four worthy recipients to Denver this July!!! You can read all the details here.

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