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Cheese of the Day: May 22 – Sweet Grass Dairy’s Green Hill

Sweet Grass Dairy’s Green Hill

In 1993, after fifteen years of conventional dairy farming, the original owners of Sweet Grass Dairy, Al and Desiree Wehner, decided to switch to rotational grazing for their herd. Moving the cows every twelve hours to different sections of the pasture allowed the cows to be cows. With the mild winter weather of the South Georgia, the herd began to pasture graze 365 days of the year, making healthier cows and better milk.

In 2000, the dairy, as known today, was born and the making of cheese began. In 2002 The Wehners daughter Jessica and son-in-law , Jeremy Little joined the business and fell in love with the dairy. In 2005 they purchased the farm and turned their focus to traditional cheese making and passionately pursuing sustainable agriculture while humanely raising their animals. The results of their stewardship translates into high quality milk and cheeses.

SGD’s five core cheeses, along with seasonal specialties, are available in thirty-eight states. The American Cheese Society Competition has awarded them with more than twenty ribbons.

In 2010, I volunteered at the ACS Conference cutting and displaying cheese for the Festival of Cheeses. It was there that I tasted my first SGD cheese, Thomasville Tomme. In 2012, while opening a Murray’s Cheese Shop at Hilton Head, SC, I got my first taste of Green Hill and it was love at first taste.

I have found SGD cheeses on menus at B. Matthews Eatery in Savannah and The Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

As a Georgia-born native, who has returned home, I am pleased to share Green Hill with you.

The Facts:

Style: Double crème, Camembert-style soft-ripened cheese

Milk: Pasteurized Cow

Awards: Eight-time ACS Winner

365 Days Grass Fed; “Barn-free”

Handcrafted in Small Batches; hand ladled and individually wrapped

Green Hill is dense and buttery with a lingering creamy, lactic finish. Enjoy is spread on a warm baguette or drizzled with Blue Haven Sourwood Honey.

Congratulations to our 2017 ACS CCP Exam and Conference Winners: Kelley Jewell, Tyler Frankenberg, ACS CCP® Hazel-Rue Woodies and ACS CCP® Matt Bellingham. Thanks to the generous donations from cheese lovers everywhere, we are thrilled to send these four worthy recipients to Denver this July!!! You can read all the details here.
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