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How to Build a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in 10 Easy Steps

Okay, I get it… some of you have sent notes stating that even though you are smart enough to find my blog and grilled cheese sandwich choices, you aren’t necessarily smart enough to know the ins and outs of building and grilling the sandwich properly.

So here we go, in 10 easy steps:

1. Remember, you want your cheese to be a bit higher proportion than your bread… it’s a grilled cheese; not toast.

2. Pick pan, grill, griddle or panini pan and heat to medium.

3. Assemble your ingredients and prepare them: slicing, cutting, shredding cheese (melts better) etc.

4. Schmear butter or mayo on outside of each slice of bread.

5. Place one slice of bread on heated pan and build sandwich; cheese first and last ingredient. Top with second slice of bread, buttered/mayoed side up.

6. Wait 2 minutes and check underside with a spatula; we’re looking for golden brown, not burned bread.

7. Flip and grill other side which usually takes less time. Cheese should be oozing out the sides…

8. Remove from grill.

9. Eat.

10. Clean-up after yourself.

Ta da… that’s it… now go forth and get more grilled cheese sandwiches…


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