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2013 Super Bowl Cheese Plate

Super Bowl Cheese PlateIt’s Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means… a special cheese plate and a Clydesdale commercial that melts The Lady’s heart… ahhh

Today’s plate was a combination of cheeses we reviewed earlier today and three The Lady bought at Dorothy Lane Market when she was in Dayton last month.

The Lady fell in love with Dorothy Lane Market, a small grocery chain in Dayton, Ohio that reminded her of Portland’s Zupan’s Markets… a review of her visit to Dorthy Lane will appear in the near future…

The plate started with Mountina and Mountina Mocha from Vintage Cheese of Montana followed by crisps The Lady made with Stella’s Black Wax Parmesan and Black Wax Romano. Recipe and review of these cheeses will also follow in the near future.stella black wax romano and parm crisps 2

After the homemade crisps we tasted Kickapoo, a raw milk cheese from Ludwig Farmstead Creamery. This is one of the three cheeses The Lady bought at Dorothy Lane Market. Made in Illinois, this cheese is creamy and mild with an ever-so-slightly gritty texture. It reminded me of a young Piave.

I give Kickapoo 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a cheese plate, it pairs well with strawberry jam. The creaminess should make it a perfect cheese in a grilled cheese sammy or one of the cheeses in your next mac n cheese.

Wine Pairing: Because it’s mild, you could pair it with a white or a light red.

Beer Pairing: How about an IPA?

Next up was another DLM find: French Centenol Pyrenees. A nice, mild cow’s milk cheese from the Basque region of France where more cheeses are made from sheep milk. This cheese is buttery and creamy with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Overall the flavor is less intense than other cheeses from the region.

I give French Centerol Pyrenees 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Pair this with some grapes or melt it in a grilled cheese with some Black Forest Ham.

Wine Pairing: The Lady is into Pinot Grigio right now and that’s what she she enjoyed with this tasting.

Beer Pairing: The Man had a couple of Corona Extras and said it went well.
The last cheese on our “clock” was a true, traditional English cheddar, straight out of the West Country: Barber’s 1833 Vintage Cheddar. This PDO cheese is aged at least twenty months and can stand up to any traditionally made English Cheddar. Crumbly with tyrosine crystals, Barber 1833 is robust and full-flavored. A cheese for every occasion… Needless to say, The Man loved this cheese and our on-going battle for “fair shares” continued… The Barber Family has been making cheese since 1833 and only on the best of their production receive the “1833” designation.

I give Barber’s 1833 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving suggestions: eat it naked; it needs nothing to enhance its flavor.

Wine Pairing: The Lady suggests a nice, quiet Merlot.

Beer Pairing: The Man suggests an Imperial Stout.

Flagship Mountina Pimento CheeseIn the center of the plate, The Lady added a scoop of the Flagship/Mountina Pimento Cheese she made last night.

In addition to Becky Poff’s absolutely fabulous Strawberry Jam, the plate also featured a dollop of PepperLane’s Raz Pepper Preserves and some almond slivers. PepperLane reviews are in the works… The Lady and I are about 20+ reviews behind…

The Man and I look forward to holidays and special occasions and any day The Lady decides to spoil us with her cheese plates…

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