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Flagship and Mountina Rustic Pimento Cheese Spread

Flagship Mountina Pimento CheeseKnowing that Beecher’s Flagship contains Gruyere cultures, in addition to its Cheddar cultures, The Lady decided to mix Flagship with Vintage Cheese of Montana’s Mountina to make her latest pimento cheese spread… excellent pairing of two American Originals. (As mentioned in the previous posting/review, like Gruyere, Mountina is an Alpine-style cheese.)

Here’s what she did:


8 Ounces Beecher’s Flagship, shredded

8 Ounces Vintage Cheese of Montana’s Mountina, shredded

Dollop of Mayo

4 Ounces Pimento, chopped with juice

Freshly Ground Pepper to taste


Shred the cheeses by hand using the largest holes in a box shredder.

Add mayo, pimento with juice from jar and pepper.

Mix by hand until just integrated.

Serve on Flagship Crackers.



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