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O Orange Blossom Champagne Vinegar

IMG_20130809_135617_902With bountiful produce available all year round, I make fruit salads at least once a week. Of course, in the summer more varieties are available but South America is sending fruit our way all year round. Add cottage cheese and The Man is one happy, happy, happy swooner.

Generally I prepare the fruit, sprinkle a little salt and freshly ground pepper on top, throw in a handful of nuts, add a scoop of cottage cheese and serve. Healthy fare and easy to prepare. After a long day slinging cheese, easy is exactly what I like, especially when it’s also tasty.

Recently I was given a bottle of O Orange Blossom Champagne Vinegar and for this fruit salad, I decided to flavor it using the vinegar. Wow!! What a difference the orange blossom makes; adding a layer of delicate orange to the salad…

This vinegar is made using California orange blossoms that are crushed and steeped with Muscat and Champagne grapes. Barrel-Aged slowly in small batches. It’s all natural; nothing artificial.

The fruit salad was fabulous. It was a large salad that usually means leftovers for the next day… not this time. The Man I finished it off in one sitting. The orange blossom made this salad irresistible, refreshing and tasty…

The Man suggested that his next screwdriver might include a splash of this champagne vinegar; adding a little extra flavor to the OJ.

Next time, I’ll make a garden salad of leafy veggies with crumbled Long Clawson Lemon Zest Stilton and toss it with the Orange Blossom Vinegar and a little EVOO; I suspect it will be refreshing and tasty.

Please check out our recipe for fresh tomato bruschetta using O Olive Oil with Basil… and coming soon a Caprese Salad using the O Olive Oil with Basil. Here’s a sneak peek… IMG_20130902_155207_773

Also, you can visit the O Olive Oil website by clicking here.

FTC Full Disclosure – The manufacturer or representative sent me samples, hoping I would review their product. For more information regarding our reviews of product, please visit our “About Me” page.

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