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Beecher’s Dulcet and Vermont Farmstead Ale House Cheddar Cheese Plate

20160304_093217As mentioned on other occasions, finding specialty cheese in our Northeast Georgia Hamlet is not simple. The nearest cut and wrap shop is more than an hour away.

However, the local Ingles (still 15 miles away) carries a very respectable selection of pre-cut/wrapped cheeses. Recently I discovered a block of Vermont Farmstead Ale House Cheddar. To complete my cheese plate, I included a wedge of Beecher’s Dulcet, which was in a gift basket from Kurt and Jena (also in the basket were two Waygu New York Strips – my, of my…)

Beecher’s Dutch Hollow Dulcet is made at their NYC Flatiron store from butterfat-rich Jersey milk sourced from the Dutch Hollow Farms near Albany, NY. Dulcet is a soft, creamy cheese with a light tangy finish. I paired it with Kelly’s Jelly Strawberry and Habanero Jelly; the sweet fire of the jelly was a perfect complement to the mild tang of the cheese. 34 Degrees’ Natural Crisp also worked well with this combination. I found some Columbus Salami in the fridge from another trip to Ingles which created yet another perfect pairing with the Dulcet.

20160304_093106I met the fine folks at Vermont Farmstead Cheese at the 2013 ACS in Sacramento and tasted several of their cheese line, but had not tasted their Ale House Cheddar. Spotting it at Ingles was a pleasant surprise. VFC uses two beers to bathe the cheddar curds and a curd tearing to further expose the curds’ surface to infuse the ales. I confess that I’m not a beer aficionado, but the aroma of the beer was enticing and the nuttiness of the cheese worked with the hopiness of the finish. I chose Kelly’s Marionberry Preserves to pair with the Ale House Cheddar. Another perfect complement.

I added a few grapes to the cheese plate and Miss Anne (aka my mom) and The Man both swooned. (A personal note… my dad was a picky eater who tolerated my cheese offerings but never really warmed to them. However, my mom is quite the adventurous foodie and enjoys these plates, despite her doctor cautioning her on her LDL levels… to quote her, “I’m 88, it’s time I enjoyed these fancy foods you keep writing about.” Gotta love her…)

20160304_093134This cheese platter and the pairing with Columbus Salami and Kelly’s Jelly sitting on the 34 Degrees’ Crisps definitely deserves a Spaulding Gray 4 Paws ratings…

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FTC Disclosure: The Dulcet was a gift from Beecher’s – nothing more was expected nor implied. The 34 Degrees Crisps were a donation to assist in my pairings’ project, which will be posted on June 1.

Regarding Kelly’s Jelly: Yes, I am the National Ambassador for KJ and part of my mission is to “spread” the word. However, two things: 1.) If I didn’t believe in the product, I wouldn’t spread it and 2.) Kelly’s Jelly is an Award-Winning line of jellies and preserves, including the coveted 2016 Good Food Award, in the Preserves Category. 

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