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Cheese of the Day: March 17 – l’Amuse Signature Gouda

If it’s Friday… then it must be Gouda at the Facebook Cheese Study Group: Today ACS CCP® James Danforth presents l’Amuse Signature Gouda. Here’s what he shared:

It’s Gouda Friday y’all! And today’s cheese is the King of all Goudas: L’Amuse Signature Gouda.

In 1989, Betty Koster founded Fromagerie L’Amuse with her husband Martin. Their shops in Santpoord-Noord and Amsterdam feature rare, small-production Dutch gems like Wilde Weide and the unusual goat gouda, Brabander. Betty’s long-term connections to Dutch farmers, cheesemakers, and affineurs have given her access to an unparalleled range of cheeses. She exports a handful to America, including her signature Gouda L’Amuse.

L’Amuse Signature Gouda is made at the Cono cheesemaking plant in Northern Holland. The wheels are hand-selected and shipped to the maturing facilities of L’Amuse cheese shop in Santpoort-Noord. There, they are matured under the Betty’s impeccable cheese-midwife skill who describes her creation as “Reliable, like an old friend.”

The Signature Gouda, L’Amuse is a Dutch cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk, This hard cheese with velvety texture and nutty, buttery, salty flavor with the hints of caramel and hazelnuts, is considered by many a monger as the best of all Gouda. The wheels are matured for 2 years at warm temperatures between 51-56˚F with higher humidity. This is why her Signature Gouda, released at two years of age, has more tyrosine crystallization and depth of flavor than any other gouda of the same age.

With a paste color is deep amber, with well-distributed crystals, L’Amuse’s aroma shows roasted notes such as hazelnut and caramel with some umami and cellar notes. This hard cheese has a spectacular texture that is velvety and melts in the mouth. The flavor is nutty and salty with hints of burnt caramel ending with a complex, long finish.

Here’s the link to her shop’s webpage (in Google translate)…

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