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The Figs of the Gods and Cheese

Copyright ficoco 2009

Copyright ficoco 2009

In most of my reviews, I include pairings of wine, beer and other foods that go well with cheese. Today I thought I would explore spreads that also add to the enjoyment of cheese.

I have noticed that The Lady, from time-to-time, gets something she calls “samples” which loosely interpreted means “free stuff” to try and hopefully like. That wonderful Abondance was a sample and this week she brought home a small jar of a spread called Ficoco. Holy smokes what a divine creation.

Humankind thinks that the superior (my opinion, not humankinds) feline should not eat certain foods. Thank goodness The Lady pretty much lets me make my own culinary decisions and that has resulted, in my own culture, of me being known as a superior feline foodie… just ask The Brain. Well, you can try, but seldom does he speak to the lowly humankinds… but I digress.

Ficoco is a sweet, trans fat-free spread made from Dalmatian figs and cocoa and pure cane sugar. Now I ask you…what’s not to like about something with cocoa and sugar…oh right…and don’t forget, figs???

The Lady bought at her Kiosk a wedge of Brie de Nangis to accompany the Ficoco which she and The Man had a snack while they watched this silly television show called American Idol where humankinds, who think they can sing, sound pitchy and are forced to suffer through the ridicule of a Brit named Simon Cowell…who, in this feline’s humble opinion, is mostly spot-on…oh right, I was discussing cheese and Ficoco…back on track…

The Man, not your biggest Brie fan, loved the Nangis with the Ficoco spread; but quite frankly I think you could spread Ficoco on most anything and he’d like it (use your imagination). Not to insult Nangis, this is The Lady’s Number One choice in Brie; but my money says it was the Ficoco that caught The Man’s attention. And I have research to back this up (after all I am on earth to observe and observe is what I do best…). In the past, The Lady has brought home Dalmatia Fig Spread and Dalmatia Fig Spread with Orange. Both have a nice portion of cane sugar. The Man liked the cheeses The Lady paired with those two spreads as well…see where I’m going? Common ingredient in all three spreads is cane sugar (well, figs, but that’s not where my money goes…). The Man does have a thing called a “sweet tooth” – and the sweeter the food; the sweeter the tooth…

The Lady paired the Dalmatia Fig Spread with Queso Iberico and that pairing was the feline’s meow. With the Dalmatia Fig with Orange Spread she chose Idiazabal; again another excellent pairing. The Lady knows her pairings…

Here are a few other suggestions for pairing these three spreads:

  • Proscuitto and Walnuts
  • Pears and Blue Cheese
  • Bread and Kerrygold Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Ice Cream

Dalmatia Fig Spread with Orange won the prestigious 2004 NASFT Gold Medal.

I give Fig Spread and Fig Spread with Orange 3 out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got) and I give Ficoco 4 out of 4 Paws (again, cause that’s all I’ve got).

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