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Cat Milk Cheese


When the Lady’s Cheese Friend, Anna, asked if I could recommend “domesticated” cat’s milk cheese, I thought she was being funny and I replied, “Of course” and decided a “cute” post was in the makings…

Lo and Behold, I discovered an interesting and new, to me, gourmet item in Europe: Cat Milk.

Yep, those wacky Europeans, particularly in the Eastern countries (coincidence, ya think, that area of the Continent was also part of the former Soviet Union?) cat milk is considered a highly-prized commodity.


Delicious Cat Milk

Cats milk has long been a popular gourmet food in eastern Europe and it is a highly-prized and precious commodity.

 Cat milk always has a smooth finish and often has subtle seafood undertones, making cat milk a prized delicacy all across Europe.

With cat’s milks robust undertones, cat milk is now joining the gourmet scene as one of the most coveted treats on the world. Let’s take a closer look at cat milk and see why cat milk is taking the world by storm.

The cat milk craze can be traced to the Middle Ages when drinking cats milk was a sign of being erudite and showed that you had veracity and the patience to milk the cats. Infinitely varied, cat milk is heavily influenced by breed, and cats milk from Siamese cats is the most highly prized, while the milk of larger cats (Tigers & Lions) has a more robust flavor.

(And if that were not strange enough, I found a post from a woman who not only claimed to milk her cat on a regular basis; she also claimed to use the milk to make cheese. For some reason I find this disgusting… and yet, fascinating… One thing is for sure, she doesn’t live in North Korea.)

Anna, not that I would ever try any of these as it might skate entirely too close to cannibalism for this feline foodie, here are some suggested cat’s milk cheeses:

Persian Buche: A ripening cat’s milk cheese – creamy on the edges with a pate center. Reminiscent in flavor of Purina’s Seafood Buffet.

Ocicat Cheddar: Perfect for that nocturnal snack. Undertones of Nine Lives’ Super Supper.

Tim Cornish Rex Gouda: Robust with hints of Friskies’s Fisherman’s Catch and a distinct acidic aftertaste that just won’t go away.

Brie de Maine Coon Cat: For some reason this double crème makes me think of Peacocks.

Manx Mozzarella:  Mild with a touch of citrus overtones.


Let me know what you think…

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