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Hemingway, Commander, NE Georgia Quadrant, Promoted and Returns to the Mothership

Hemingway, a brave feline warrior, who rose through the ranks to become Commander of the Northeast Georgia Quadrant has, once again, been promoted and called home to the Mothership. He will debrief with The Brain while awaiting his next assignment and deployment back to earth for further observations of humankind… known to humans as one of his nine lives. For those of you in the “know”, Hemingway is a recent name… explanation below…

I had the privilege to serve with Hemingway in the Northern African Quadrant which included Egypt. That deployment was one of the best; the Egyptians treated us like royalty and all we had to do was keep Mus musculus and Rat rattus away from the stored grains… talk about a dream job… the Egyptian even assigned a Goddess to protect us, Bastet who was a daughter of Ra.

After Africa, we parted ways and Hemingway became legend, in much the same way as Mike Tyson, my predecessor at the manse with The Lady and The Man. During one re-deployment, his space ship crashed and he was mistaken as an alien Abyssinian, later chronicled in the movie, The Cat from Outer Space. He hung with Holly Golightly and although separated for a time, Truman Capote reunited them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Another little-known fact about Hemingway’s past is that he was a close and BFFF (best feline friend forever) with Hodge, Samuel Johnson’s beloved cat; and was featured in Sam Stall’s 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization: History’s Most Influential Felines (I have been sworn to secrecy as to which was Hemingway. I’ll just leave it at: he was a Top Cat in history).

Before his NE Georgia deployment, Hemingway spent a few weeks at Ernie’s estate in Key West with the troops there, who quite frankly were running wild and driving the locals nutty. The Brain’s orders to Hemingway were to establish order and also choose a local feline to maintain that order. For his heroic efforts, he was awarded the much-coveted sixth claw on each of his front paws. This gave him a paws-up over most mousers… I freely admit my jealousy… this is also where he assumed the moniker of “Hemingway”.

In NE Georgia, he bivouacked with Miss Anne and The Tall Guy who invaded the manse last fall when they came to visit The Lady and The Man. I was stunned to see that once again, there was only One Degree of Separation between Hemingway and your favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me).

Humans tend to mourn when we felines return to the Mothership but they also take time to celebrate the life we have just completed.

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