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Greens of Glastonbury Organic Mature Cheddar

Vegetarian-Suitable Rennet

Reviewing this English Cheddar got buried under a pile of other reviews… my apology to the folks who make this terrific cheese… cheese happens…

When The Lady began her second career as a cheesemonger, this cheese was part of the kiosk schematic… sadly over time, it went away…

It had nothing to do with sales of quality… perhaps the demand was too high for this farmhouse cheddar produced in the West Country at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor by the Green family. The Lady misses this cheese; her customers miss this cheese and as with most things of the greatest importance I, your Feline Foodie, miss this cheese…

According to John Green, he along with his two sons and one nephew are carrying on the tradition of his family that now spans eighty years of cheesemaking. On their 600-acre farm they have a herd of 750 cows and about 25% are raised organically. It is this milk that is used to make the mature cheddar. Fans of their cheese include members of the English Royal Family.

You can view the Green Family taking you through their cheesemaking process by clicking here. It is well-worth taking a few minutes to enjoy their story. They still wrap the cheese by hand, actually there is still a lot of hands-on production at the Green Farm.

The paste of this cheese is a pale buttercup and crumbly. It melts on the palate as the full-bodied flavors pop and explode in your mouth. It is buttery, slightly sweet and nutty with that pleasant earthiness that comes with English cheddars made in the traditional manner. Because the milk is heated to only 35-40° Celsius (95-105°) and not fully heated to a pasteurizing level, you can still taste the hints of the grass and other flora the cows eat.

I give Greens of Glastonbury 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (because that’s all I’ve got). And further add, if you get the chance to taste this cheese, don’t pass it up…

Serving Suggestions: As you know that cheddars in general rate high around the manse because cheddars are beyond versatile when it comes to what you can do with cheddar… you can do almost anything with cheddar… The Lady presented it to The Man and me on a cheese plate with strawberry jam and water crackers… for us it was a complete meal… But cheddar is also perfect in mac n cheese either as the “Stand-Alone” cheese or as a blend. It makes a perfect grilled cheese.

Wine Pairing: The Lady chose a full-bodied red that stood up to this bold cheddar.

Beer Pairing: The Man chose Pilsner Urquell.

Source: Organic Thermalized Cow’s Milk

Awards: Many

(Stay tuned… the next post will be our 500th post (includes pages also) on cheesemonger.wordpress… we promise it will be fun and informative…)

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