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Colorado Proud: Haystack Mountain Goat Cheeses

Haystack Mountain Cracked Pepper

When last in Denver, The Lady brought home lots of local “Colorado Proud” Cheeses and in the cheese cache were three small logs of fresh goat cheese made by Colorado’s Haystack Mountain.

She had previously been introduced to Haystack Peak while attending Murray’s Cheese Boot Camp, which she loved and will review in the near future. Because, one more time, I was left behind with The Man, I didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying “the peak”… The Lady, while I love her dearly… sure has a selfish side… but I digress…

The three logs of fresh chevre were all flavored… stuffed with stuff…: green chilies, dill and garlic, and rolled in cracked pepper.

The dill and garlic and the cracked pepper she served with crackers on a cheese plate as The Man, The Lady and I were busy watching PGA Tour Golf; specifically the Fedex Playoffs… great golf but The Lady kept mumbling something about “No Tiger…” she really needs to get over it… he’ll be back… I sure hope so… Sunday’s just aren’t the same around the manse without The Tiger in the hunt…

Dill and Garlic: The dill and garlic are well-balanced with the tang of the goat. The cheese is creamy and spread easily on the crackers (Partners Crackers: review to follow soon). This flavor made The Man swoon. While most superiors of the feline persuasion don’t care for dill or garlic, your Feline Foodie enjoyed this cheese. Too bad it’s not available in the Pacific Northwest.

I give Haystack Mountain Dill and Garlic Fresh Chevre 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Cracked Pepper: The other cheese on the plate was the fresh goat chevre rolled in the Cracked Pepper. As you might guess, this one was preferred by The Lady. She just can’t get enough spice. She loved the combination of goat tang and the pepper. With the crackers, it was a winner.

I give Haystack Mountain Cracked Pepper Fresh Chevre 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Green Chilies. There was a third fresh log and it was laced with green chilies. The Lady used this one in a quesadilla she served with a salad of vegetables from The Garden of The Man. She chopped a few fresh chives from the herb garden and sprinkled those over the chevre and used just a bit of EVOO to “sauté” the tortillas filled with the yummy chevre. Not only is goat cheese lower in fat than the other two traditional cheeses… but it makes a fine quesadilla… you have just gotta make this… WOW!!!… great eats…

I give Haystack Mountain Green Chili Fresh Chevre 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

You can buy Haystack Mountain Fresh Chevres at your local Colorado King Soopers, a Colorado Proud SuperMarket!!!

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