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Double-Sided Bear Pond Farm’s Pesto Pizza

The Lady made another pizza last night using more Bear Pond Farm’s Pestos. This time she split the pestos on the dough using the Vibrant Cilantro Pesto and Pepperoni Pesto.

The Pepperoni side was for The Man and the Vibrant Cilantro side was for The Lady. She topped both with fresh veggies, kalamatas and marinated artichoke hearts. She baked them at 450 degrees (F) for 16 minutes and then we ate.

Being a carnivore like The Man, I preferred the Pepperoni Pesto side of the pizza. This All-Natural Pesto contains uncured pepperoni with canola oil and EVOO plus sun-dried tomatoes, dijon mustard and lots of great herbs and spices. The result was delish. In fact it was so delish, The Man swooned and while he was swooning, I swooped in for an extra portion.

The Lady preferred the Vibrant Cilantro Pesto with the fresh veggies. This pesto contains Pecorino Romano with organic cilantro, canola oil and EVOO along with lots of herbs and spices. The pesto pops and adds a terrific finish to the pizza.

I give this Double-Sided Bear Pond Farm Pizza 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).


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