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The Lady’s Sunday Morning Pasta with Eggs, Chicken Sausage and Beecher’s Flagsheep Cheese

The Lady loves pasta and eggs… The Man… not so much… so it becomes a Sunday morning treat at The Manse when The Lady decides to make this dish. Actually she ends up making two dishes… Scrambled eggs and sausage for The Man being the other…

She works with ingredients she has in the fridge and the cupboard but because she believes that all meals are prepared simply with superior and fresh ingredients, it’s always a delight.

Today she made the dish using some of our favorite ingredients from some of our favorite foodies: handmade chicken sausage made on-site at the Fred Meyer’s Hawthorne Meat Counter by Meat Manager and fellow foodie, Greg Dank. (The one she used today was made with roasted tomatoes and basil added); handmade pasta from Southern Italy made by Rustichella d’Ambruzzo which she buys in bulk from Murray’s Cheese in Greenwich Village (this a hand-shaped pasta called Trofie); and from my personal favorite cheesemaker, Flagsheep cheddar made by Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle. When you start with such great ingredients… well the taste is a piece of cake…


EVOO for sauteing



Handmade Chicken Sausage with Roasted Tomatoes and Basil, sauteed and sliced

Onion, Chopped

Garlic, Chopped

Bell Pepper, Chopped

Mushrooms, Chopped

Asparagus, Chopped

Flagsheep Cheddar, Shredded

Eggs, Whisked and ready to scramble. suggest 3 per serving


Salt and Pepper to taste


Set water boiling for pasta. Add salt to water.

Cook pasta to almost al dente. Leave in water until ready to add to saute pan.

Add a little EVOO to saute pan and cook sausage until cooked, but not over-cooked. Slice and set aside.

Prepare veggies and whisk eggs (salt and pepper to taste.) while sausage is cooking.

Use saute pan and drippings to saute your veggies. Add a little more EVOO, as needed.

When veggies are cooked, drain pasta and add to veggies.

Add sausage. Stir everything together and then add eggs. Toss to coat all ingredients with eggs.

Cook until eggs are scrambled soft. Plate and top with Flagsheep and chives.

Serve immediately.

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