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Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese

Copyright Point Reyes Original Blue 2012

Made from Raw Milk

The Lady and I have long admired the Giacomini Family who owns and runs Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company and we are “fans” of theirs on Facebook, but for some reason we never tasted their original blue cheese until this week… was it worth the wait… that would be yes and no… yes because it is such a luscious blue cheese and no because there was no explainable reason why we waited…

The Lady has been in Seattle this past week (and returns there tomorrow) working with the fine folks of QFC to open their first Murray’s Cheese Shop in the University Place Store by the University of Washington. The Man and I have been traveling with The Lady and while it’s great to hang with them… I so hate getting in the cage to travel to and from… once there I am fine… but in my case, it’s not the journey… it is the destination… and the destination is getting out of the box… how I hate change… plus the hotel has no fireplace for me to warm my buns before… but I digress.

The Lady brought home a wedge of Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese and not only did The Man swoon… so did I… it’s embarrassing when the epitome of cool swoons… but swoon I did… this is one fine blue…

This cheese is made from the raw milk of the Holstein Cows that graze on the hillsides of the Point Reyes Farm. The grass benefits from the salt air of the Pacific and the fog that graces the area more days than not… Then the cheese is aged for a minimum of six months until perfectly creamy and foll-flavored and ready for market.

I found this cheese to be insanely creamy and robust; the kind of blue cheese that makes the cracker sit up and take notice of its occupant. On a cheese board it is the perfect finishing cheese.

I give Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (caus that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: While the cheese will only add to the salad, a gratin or a mac n cheese; I think it is best tasted alone on a cheese board. But no matter how you enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed. Drizzle a bit of honey on top to add another flavor profile.

Wine Pairing: Perfect with a port or dessert wine.

Beer Pairing: A lambic or barley wine should stand up quite well to this blue.

Source: Raw, Holstein milk

The Giacomini Family also makes a Blue Cheese Dip which The Lady has promised to bring home…

And be sure and stop by the QFC at University Place on March 29th for a wine and cheese tasting from 4pm tp 7pm in the Wine Shop!!!



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