April is Grilled Cheese Month: #24 Beecher’s Market Herbed-Curds and Kroger Honey Ham – Marcella The Cheesemonger International Guilde des Fromagers
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April is Grilled Cheese Month: #24 Beecher’s Market Herbed-Curds and Kroger Honey Ham

Ham and Cheese… the original grilled cheese… the grilled cheese your mom used to serve with a piping hot cup of Campbell’s Tomato Soup… and that’s just what The Lady served today… with a twist… she brought home (from Seattle) a container of Market Herbed Cheese Curds handmade at Pike’s Place at Beecher’s… home of The Cheese to capture my heart… No Woman. And she paired it with Kroger Deli-sliced Honey Ham.

When The Lady brought the piping hot tomato soup to the table, The Man swooned… almost out of control… had I the ability, I would have laughed so hard, I’d have fallen off my seat… but of course, those of us of the superior feline persuasions never laugh… we merely look down our whiskers at Humankind and think, “What a Pity…”… but I digress…

In case you don’t know how to make a grilled cheese, you can review my “How to Make a Grilled Cheese in 10 Easy Steps”.

And also check out our 2011 Grilled Cheese Recipes… 30 more pairing and combinations to try and enjoy…

Please note… The Lady promises that we will indeed post the 30 new grilled cheese recipes to celebrate April being National Grilled Cheese Month. However, due to her travel schedule coupled with Murray’s Cheese FINALLY heading to Portland, we will continue to celebrate grilled cheeses into May until we complete our 30… thanks for your patience… after all she is only human… what a pity…

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