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More About Coroner’s Cold Case #81128: Marilyn Monroe From Peter M. Wright


It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since Marilyn Monroe died; she lives on in her legend which is now as popular and well-known as she was while alive. NBC and Steven Spielberg have produced a hit TV series, SMASH, based on Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some facts and quotes from the new non-fiction book, Coroner’s Cold Case #81128: Marilyn Monroe written by Award-Winning Film Editor turned Writer, Peter M. Wright:

Frank Sinatra’s simple words were heartfelt.                                                 

“I’ll miss her very much.”

“It was Hollywood that destroyed her. She was a victim of her friends.”

Joe DiMaggio.

“A nasty business. Her worst rejection. Power and money. In the end

she was too innocent.” Director George Cukor

Paula Strasberg remembered Marilyn as The Iron Butterfly. “Butterflies are very beautiful, give great pleasure, and have very short life spans.”

“Marilyn hangs like a bat in the heads of the men that knew her.” Sammy Davis, Jr.

“People ought to know that I never did want her to become an actress

in the first place. Her career never did her any good.” Gladys Baker

Jackie Kennedy noted, “She will go on eternally.” The First Lady’s sarcastic remark predicted the truth better than she knew.

The tragic events in Marilyn’s life can be traced to the vicious sex act Goddard forced on young Norma Jeane in his own marital home.

Would Marilyn’s life have turned out differently if Ervin “Doc” Goddard hadn’t introduced her to sex by raping her?

If Goddard had never raped Norma Jeane would Marilyn Monroe have ever existed?

If Goddard had not raped Norma Jeane would she have traded sex for movie roles and power so easily?

If Goddard had not raped Norma Jeane would she have felt there was a world of hurt around her, and that having power could insulate her from it?

If Goddard had not raped her would Norma Jeane have cared enough about herself to resist any powerful man who wanted to use her as a sex toy?

If Goddard had not raped young Norma Jeane would she have been attracted to so many men who physically resembled Goddard?

If Goddard had not raped Norma Jeane when she married would she have remained faithful to her husband? Would she have been able to stay married to one man?

Marilyn’s twenty-three films, grossed more than $200 million at the box office.

Marilyn’s career paid well, yet she died with only $5000 in her bank account. Did someone rob her after she died?

Today, Marilyn’s star still glitters. Her films sell worldwide; her numerous Internet fan clubs and their memberships inflate every year.

The blonde sex symbol has become a legendary icon in image licensing. Her loyal fans support her memory, which makes her an attractive and profitable representative for businesses everywhere.

Marilyn is considered the quintessential movie star by generations of people around the world, most of whom had not been born when the actress died. Marilyn’s fans are even more devoted to her now, than when she was alive.

When began its annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrity list, Marilyn Monroe has been among its top ten. Her earnings for a single year have totaled as much as $8,000,000.

It was Norma Jeane Baker who died on the night of August 4, 1962, not Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn lives on in her work, and her legend.

Marilyn’s death certificate was signed on August 28, 1962.


Coroner’s Cold Case #81128: Marilyn Monroe is available as an E-Book and you can purchase it for a mere $6.99 by clicking on the icon below.

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