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Open-Faced Grilled Cheese #29: Great Ocean Road Cheddar Sammy with Sopressata, Zucchini and Grilled Onions

When The Lady and her cheese friends, Natasha, Michele and Jimme, went to visit Gothberg Farms last month, They stopped at a Haggen Market in Marysville. Of course, they stopped to check out the cheese counter which was quite well-stocked with pre-cuts.

The Lady, always thinking of moi, your humble Feline Foodie, brought home a few wedges for us to taste and for me to review.

One was a white two-year aged cheddar from “Down Under”, Great Ocean Road Cheddar. This cheese is made in Australia by Warrnabool Cheese and Butter Company, a dairy that has been making cheese (and butter) in Victoria since the late 1880s. It is the oldest dairy in Australia and the largest employer in Victoria.

Great Ocean Road refers to the ocean road that runs along the Southern Coast from Geelong to Portland, passing by the Twelve Apostles.

The Lady decided to use the cheese to make the 29th in our National Grilled Cheese Month “project” which is a bit behind…

The cheese is well-aged, mature with just a hint of a tangy after taste. It’s nutty and sweet, the way I like my cheddars. The texture is firm and crumbles nicely.

Instead of grilling as the name would suggest, The Lady opened the kimono and  built the sammy and toasted it in the toaster oven. Here’s what she did.



Rustic Tuscan Bread, Sliced

Fresh, young, tender zucchini, from our garden, sliced into coins

Onion, also from our garden, sliced thin

Columbus Sopressata, sliced thin

Great Ocean Road Mature Cheddar, shredded


She went out on the back deck and picked two young zucchini and a Walla Walla  Onion, which she brought in, washed and sliced them thinly.

She heated some EVOO in a saute pan and through the onions in and began browning them.

While the onion cooked, The Lady sliced the salumi and shredded the cheese.

As the onion browned, she tossed in the zucchini and salami and sauteed them as well.

When cooked, she drained the excess oil and juice from the ingredients.

Then she built the sammies:

1. Slices of rustic Tuscan Bread; 2. Salumi; 3. Zucchini; 4. Grilled Onions; 5. Great Ocean Road Cheddar, lots of cheddar

She put the sammies under the broiler and broiled until cheese was melted and turning brown.

Then she served them.

The Man swooned…

I give Great Ocean Road Mature Cheddar 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

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